Who We Are

The Wellness Family Practice is a family focused GP practice strategically located in the heart of Ballito, Dolphin Coast.  We offer a full service of medical management with a focus on disease prevention and balanced lifestyle.

In addition to family medicine, our 4 Doctors all have special interests and further training in their specific areas of expertise. We listen empathetically to our patients; our consultations are not rushed; we manage a very wide range of conditions and together we achieve healthy goals. Our loyal patient base has grown over the last 30 years and we also welcome new visitors from all cultures to attend.

Our Ethos & Promise

We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is based on these five principles:

CREATE: Create a comfortable atmosphere for patients to heal.

ENHANCE: Enhance our patient’s health through positive and caring persuasion.

EMPOWER: Empower and educate patients to take care of themselves.

UTILIZE: Utilize the latest research, technologies and therapies to optimise a treatment plan.

SATISFY : Satisfy all our patients and their families; and make us health care professionals proud.

The Team

The Wellness Family Practice comes with a combined wealth of over 100 years of medical experience. Dr Hamlyn and Iyavoo have both been servicing the Ballito community for over thirty years and the connections that they have established over that time in the community have added huge value to our practice. Together, we have children at local schools, belong to local churches, sporting communities and interest groups, and eat, shop and play at local venues. We KNOW Ballito and surrounds. We have a network of affiliated medical professionals with whom we work and whose judgement we trust emphatically, as well as almost immediate access to facilities at Alberlito Hospital. We know that you will be kept safe within the hands of our larger family


Dr. Ryall A. Hamlyn

MB. Ch.B (Stel) MBS. AMP

Dr Ryall Hamlyn is the founder and a director of The Wellness Family Practice. With 30 years’ experience, caring and trusted bonds have formed with families and individuals.

His special interests are Dermatology, cryo-therapy, minor surgery, Psychiatry, Men’s health. The Executive checks focus on health coaching and integrating alternative therapies towards achievable healthy goals.  He welcomes new patients.


Dr. Peter C. Iyavoo

MB. Ch.B (Natal)

Dr. Peter Iyavoo is a director of the Wellness Family Practice and has been practicing for 32 years. In addition to general health care, his focus on weight and lifestyle management, disease prevention, comprehensive annual medicals, sport injuries, and the treatment of skin disorders constitutes a significant part of his practice.


Dr. René Colborne

MB. Ch.B (Natal)

Dr Rene Colborne has spent 10 years of practise predominantly in the accident and emergency departments along the south-northern coast, between both state and the private sector. She has experienced several months rotating through the Maternity and Paediatric departments in state, and also 3 years in Radiology before deciding that her love for general family medicine is the choice for her career path going forward. Over the years, her interest in aesthetic medicine has simultaneously grown.

She is most happy to be part of, and grow with the Wellness Family Practice, and caring for the surrounding community.