ADHD is a biochemical dysregulation, not a disease, affecting 8.8% of children and adults. Diagnosis and management of this condition must be in the hands of a skilled practitioner, with further specialised academic training based on current neuroscientific research. It is essential to educate and destigmatise the condition. Some patients are only diagnosed as adults, meaning their academic achievements could already have been hindered.

At The Wellness Family Practice, we prefer a 30 minute initial assessment. This involves an adult patient or parent / child interview. Reports from school-teachers, educational and developmental psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists assist in the diagnosis. Treatment includes dietary modification, natural supplementation and behavioural therapy. Various prescription medications can be introduced with monitoring and supervision of the therapeutic response.

The correct diagnosis and management of ADHD can be life-changing for children and adults struggling with this condition.


Dive Deeper into the Details:


Standard bookings are 15 minutes per patient.

 If extra time is required, a higher tariff is normally charged. Please phone reception for

o   Double appointments for more than one person

o   Longer consultations for more complex issues

o   Surgical procedures 30-60 minutes

o   Executive medicals 90 minutes

o   Counselling 30-60 minutes