Counseling & Psychiatry Appointments


 “We are spiritual beings, living in a physical body, with a mind and emotions.”

 Twenty percent of the population suffer from a form of a mental disorder. Diagnosis and management is not limited to psychiatrists and psychologists alone. Your family GP empathetically knows you best, and most conditions are primarily diagnosed in the GP’s office. At The Wellness Family Practice, we diagnose and offer effective and supportive treatment using expert consensus guidelines.

We are able to help in the management of a range of mental health issues including ADHD, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

We work in close association with our network of psychiatrists and psychologists who become part of your supportive therapy. A welcome recovery is returning to a meaningful, productive life.


Dive Deeper into the Details:


Standard bookings are 15 minutes per patient.

 If extra time is required, a higher tariff is normally charged. Please phone reception for

o   Double appointments for more than one person

o   Longer consultations for more complex issues

o   Surgical procedures 30-60 minutes

o   Executive medicals 90 minutes

o   Counselling 30-60 minutes