Executive Medicals Appointments

Life is a journey. Your body! Your health! Your journey through life!

Before embarking on a road trip it’s necessary to have your vehicle serviced to prevent a breakdown.  Our bodies deserve greater attention than our vehicle!

So we designed our comprehensive annual medical examination around a thorough history and general physical examination. Your family history, past medical and surgical history, diet, exercise, social habits, as well as current ailments and medication are scrutinised. Extensive blood, urine and stool tests, lung function tests and a stress ECG are routinely performed. This is followed by a discussion of the findings, with the intention of steering you along the road of wellness by preventing any pitfalls and promoting lifestyle education. This whole exercise can take up to 90 minutes.

 A stress audit can be done as a separate consult. It is not uncommon for us to diagnose silent and life threatening illnesses requiring urgent intervention. We are passionate about promoting good health.  Prevention, early detection and committed care for your benefit is what we strive to offer.


Dive Deeper into the Details:


Standard bookings are 15 minutes per patient.

 If extra time is required, a higher tariff is normally charged. Please phone reception for

o   Double appointments for more than one person

o   Longer consultations for more complex issues

o   Surgical procedures 30-60 minutes

o   Executive medicals 90 minutes

o   Counselling 30-60 minutes