Intravenous Vitamin Therapy


These are commonly called ‘jet fuel’ drips, and for good reason. They give you and your immune system just the boost it needs to give you the upper edge. The difference between our intravenous therapy and many of the other generic drips is that we have the ability to tailor-make your intravenous infusion to exactly match your needs.

Our basic drip consists of a range of vitamins and minerals, to which we can add extra supplements depending on your specific requirements. The range of B vitamins gives you energy boost as well as stabilising the nervous system helping to alleviate anxiety and depression. Vitamin C at high doses is a potent anti-oxidant and supports your immune system. Magnesium helps with muscle contractility, headaches, cramps and insomnia. Glutathione can be added for its potent detoxifying and anti-aging effects. Depending on your specific needs we can also add arginine, taurine and various other amino acids to your drip to maximise the desired effect.

Most importantly we always have a doctor on site when the drips are administered.


Dive Deeper into the Details:

Standard bookings are 15 minutes per patient.

 If extra time is required, a higher tariff is normally charged. Please phone reception for

o   Double appointments for more than one person

o   Longer consultations for more complex issues

o   Surgical procedures 30-60 minutes

o   Executive medicals 90 minutes

o   Counselling 30-60 minutes