Men’s Health Appointments


Our male doctors have a specialized training in men’s health.  Many men are ashamed of speaking up and live with their secret ailments, but we offer privacy, respect and confidentiality which encourage an honest dialog in a trusted, supportive way.

· Adolescence and early manhood is an awkward phase for many young men. We fully understand the effects of testosterone surges, and sexual awakening. We encourage safe sexual practice from an early age, and we invite these conversations to occur.

· For body builders who have started using steroids, we offer correct advice and management protocols in a supportive, non- judgemental way.

· From 40 years old, we encourage a full medical check with PSA and Testosterone levels.  Yes there comes a time to have your prostate and trouser equipment examined to keep you super functional.

· Andropause (testosterone deficiency syndrome) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are important clues to explore other conditions like hypertension, cardiovascular conditions, and diabetes that affect ED.  Various solutions are offered with a positive outcome.

Medical science is advancing in the field of anti-aging and brain and mind development to enhance cognitive function. The aging male needs particular attention, especially with retirement and career challenges. We are here to support you through this.


Dive Deeper In The Details


 Standard bookings are 15 minutes per patient.

 If extra time is required, a higher tariff is normally charged. Please phone reception for

o   Double appointments for more than one person

o   Longer consultations for more complex issues

o   Surgical procedures 30-60 minutes

o   Executive medicals 90 minutes

o   Counselling 30-60 minutes